American Constitutional Interpretation


This site is designed to accompany the sixth edition of American Constitutional Interpretation. In revising a casebook, the authors have to make tough decisions about what cases to include and what cases to replace. Because we recognize that some users of the book may wish to continue assigning cases that appeared in the previous editions of the book but no longer appear in the hard copy of the sixth edition, we have made those cases available on this web site. They may be accessed either through a table of cases removed, which follows the book's table of contents, or through an alphabetical listing.

We plan to use this website to supplement the sixth edition with future cases, materials, and analysis and to communicate with readers.

We welcome any input you may have on the sixth edition of the book or this website. Please contact James Fleming or any of the other authors with any questions or comments about the book and Benjamin Hofmann with any comments or suggestions for the website.