Table of Cases and Materials Removed

Selected Bibliographies



Chapter 5. What is the Constitution? Problems of Inclusion

Rochin v. California (1952) 

Chapter 6. What is the Constitution? Problems of Continuity and Change

Marsh v. Chambers (1983)
Missouri v. Holland (1920)

Chapter 7.

Letter from the Attorney General to Congress on Litigation Involving the Defense of Marriage Act (2011)



Chapter 8. Who May Authoritatively Interpret the Constitution for the Federal System?

Martin v. Hunter's Lessee (1816) 
Abelman v. Booth (1858) 



Section B: Structuralism

Chapter 10. Structural Analysis: Sharing Power at the National Level

Mississippi v. Johnson (1866)
Hamdi v. Rumsfeld (Hamdi I) (4th Cir. 2003) Hearings on the Nomination of William J. Brennan, Jr., to be an Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court

Chapter 11. Sharing Powers: The Nature of the Union

Crandall v. Nevada (1867) 
Texas v. White (1868) 
National League of Cities v. Usery (1976)
Gonzales v. Raich (2005) 
United States v. Morrison (2000)

Section C: Keeping Political Processes Open

Chapter 12. Freedom of Political Communication

  1. The Structural Role of Freedom of Political Communication
    Richmond Newspapers, Inc. v. Virginia (1980)
  2. Advocacy or Incitement of Unlawful Action 
    Yates v. United States (1957) 
    Haig v. Agee (1981) 
  3. Categories of Unprotected Expression 
    Gooding v. Wilson (1972) 
    Watts v. United States (1969) 
    Hustler Magazine, Inc. v. Falwell (1988)
  4. Symbolic Expression 
    Tinker v. Des Moines School District (1969) 
  5. Right to Reputation versus Freedom of Communication 
    Time, Inc. v. Firestone (1976) 
  6. Prior Restraint of Expression 
    Near v. Minnesota (1931) 
    The Pentagon Papers Case (1971) 

United States v. Alvarez (2012)

Chapter 13. Political Participation

  1. The Right to Vote and Have One's Vote Counted Equally
    Rogers v. Lodge (1982) 
  2. The Right to Associate 
    New York ex rel. Bryant v. Zimmerman (1928) 
    Barenblatt v. United States (1959) 
    NAACP v. Button (1963) 
    Scales v. United States (1961) 
    Aptheker v. Secretary of State (1964) 
  3. Regulation of the Political Process to Preserve Its Integrity 
    1. Money and Politics: Regulation of Contributions and Expenditures
    First National Bank of Boston v. Bellotti (1978) 
    Austin v. Michigan Chamber of Commerce (1990)
    2. Regulation of Campaign Promises and Access to the Ballot 
    Brown v. Hartlage (1983) 
    Anderson v. Celebrezze (1983) 
    3. Regulation of the Mass Media to Improve the Political Process 
    Miami Herald Publishing Co. v. Tornillo (1974)
  4. The Right to Run for Public Office 
    Civil Service Commission v. National Association of Letter Carriers (1973) 
  5. The Right to Lobby Governmental Officials 
    United States v. Harriss (1954) 

Baker v. Carr (1962)

Section D: Treating Equals Equally

Chapter 14. The Problems of Equal Protection, I

  1. Deferential Scrutiny 
    New Orleans v. Dukes (1976) 
  2. The Beginning of Suspect Classifications: Race and Ethnicity 
    Hernandez v. Texas (1954) 
  3. Racially Discriminatory Purpose versus Racially Discriminatory Impact 
    Washington v. Davis (1976) 
  4. How to End Racial Inequality: Affirmative Action 
    Regents of University of California v. Bakke (1978) 
    Fullilove v. Klutznick (1980) 

Chapter 15. The Problems of Equal Protection, II

  1. Suspect Classifications: Gender 
    Mississippi University for Women v. Hogan (1982) 


Baker v. State of Vermont (1999)
United States v. Windsor (2013)
Zablocki v. Redhail (1978)


Section E: Maintaining Constitutional Democracy: 
Protecting Fundamental Rights

Chapter 16. The Right to Property: To Individual Autonomy and Back

Stone v. Mississippi (1880) 
Penn Central Trans. Co. v. New York City (1978)
Hawaii Housing Authority v. Midkiff (1984) 


Chapter 17. Autonomy and the Fundamental Right to Religious Freedom

Davis v. Beason (1890)
Cantwell v. Connecticut (1940) 
Prince v. Massachusetts (1944) 
Braunfeld v. Brown (1961) 
Gillette v. United States; Negre v. Larsen (1971) 
Statement by the Administrative Board of the United States Catholic Conference (1980) 
Johnson v. Robison (1974) 
Thomas v. Review Board (1981)
Bob Jones University v. United States (1983) 
Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church and School v. EEOC (2012)

Chapter 18. Individual Autonomy: Privacy, Personhood, and Personal Liberty

  1. The Right to Citizenship: The Right to Have Rights 
    Afroyim v. Rusk (1967)
  2. The Right to Physical Freedom 
    In Re Winship (1970)
  3. The Right to Bodily Integrity 
    Rochin v. California (1952)
    Akron v. Akron Center for Reproductive Health (1983) 
    Bell v. Wolfish (1979) 
  4. The Right to Sexual Choice 
    Doe v. Commonwealth's Attorney (E.D. Va. 1975)
  5. The Right to Reputation 
    Paul v. Davis (1976) 



Chapter 19. Constitutional Interpretation and Emergency Powers

United States v. United States District Court (1972)


A. When May a Litigant Invoke the Constitution?